About us

Welcome to OR Consultancy!

We are consultants specialized in employee participation. We create space for people and their involvement where the content of issues is complex and decisiveness is a requirement. The result: good decisions that are supported by everyone involved and the willingness to implement them with conviction.

In this way we help works councils, their constituents and their directors to achieve their full potential in the change processes they go through together.

These are our promises:

We offer you assurance in case of complex and far-reaching changes

In the case of complex and far-reaching changes, such as a reorganization, a merger or a complex change in HR, you want to be sure that the best proposal is on the table, that you are exercising the right influence and that you are writing the right advice or the best consent. We help you get that assurance through our consultancy services by specialized and experienced consultants.

We empower you with knowledge and experience

We provide you with knowledge and experience when you need it. Basic knowledge if you are new to employee participation. In depth knowledge and insight as a Works Council in workshops and customized trainings with a mix of practice and theory, putting you and the issues you’re dealing with in the spotlight.  Click here for our start-up training for new Works Councils. Please contact us if you are looking for a custom-made workshop.

You get more influence and impact

As a Works Council you can really make a difference with these three things:

  • you know what you stand for and what you want to achieve,
  • you understand how the environment in which you operate fits together and
  • you are organized in such a way that you actually exert influence.

1. To know what you stand for, we help you to come to a vision. On the basis of that vision, we help you outline your own strategy and come to goals. An important role is reserved for the strategy and long-term policy of your organization.

2. We look with you at the right structure and division of work, so that you sit at the right table at the right time and can influence policy and decisions in an appropriate way.

3. If you want to exert influence, one of the most important questions is what you need to arrange formally and what you can do informally. We help you to make the right choices. Nobody can foresee everything and you cannot influence every decision that is made inside or outside your organization, but if you are well organized, you can exert influence where it matters.

We are your guide and advisor in the world of HR policies and terms of employment

On almost every shop floor you will see freelancers, flex workers and colleagues on a regular contract. Every form of connection with your organization has its own dynamics, its own rules and agreements. More and more often on an individual basis because the role of institutions, such as trade unions, is changing. And the role of the Works Council changes along with it.
Where there is no collective labour agreement (CLA) , the Works Council talks about terms of employment in a personnel guide, for example. Or the Works Council concludes a social plan. Or the company wants to change the CLA and as a Works Council you want to have a say in it. Lets not forget health and safety or the strategic dimension of HR.
OR Consultancy has an understanding of industrial relations and a special relationship with employee participation. We answer your questions on the basis of facts and knowledge. When coming up with solutions or a negotiating strategy, we choose the practical way.
We set up the process along which parties reach agreements. We present the analyses and facts on which you can build contracts. And above all, we recognize the needs of people and organizations and are creative in bringing together seemingly incompatible goals and interests.

Legal looking and thinking is gaining influence on everyone’s daily routine. Also in co-determination and employment relationships. That leads to questions. For example, about the rights of the works council or the interpretation of agreements.
In addition, legal knowledge is needed with regard to takeovers and mergers. Whereas reorganizations require knowledge of dismissal law and employment law.
Where necessary, we provide clear answers to all legal questions. We don’t necessarily believe in solving cases legally, but we do help you on your way if necessary. It is more important to properly record agreements. That too must be done in a legally responsible manner. We will be happy to advise you on the best way to do that.

We help you find the right works council candidate for the supervisory board

Provided your company meets certain criteria the works council has the right to nominate 1/3 of the members of the supervisory board. We help to draw up a clear profile that reflects the works council’s vision of the organization and its supervisors. Then we help with the search for qualified suitable candidates. We are experts out of our experience and help the works council to find the best candidate. What we achieve is a better balance between stakeholders and a strengthening of the quality of the supervisory body.


For any questions, contact us by phone or e-mail:
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